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Wisdom tooth removal, oral surgery & tooth extractions

Our Dentists are experienced in Oral surgery, from simple tooth extraction to (in most cases) tricky wisdom teeth removal at an affordable price.

Why Choose Endeavour Hills Dental Clinic for
Oral Surgery, Tooth Extraction & Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Oral Surgery Specialists in Endeavour Hills

Experienced Dentists

Oral surgery, teeth extraction or wisdom tooth removal can be both scary and painful if not done properly. That’s where our professional dentists at Endeavour Hills come to save your day. We have experienced professionals who can perform any type of oral surgery in a way that ensures you don’t feel any pain or difficulty. From simple tooth extractions to tricky wisdom teeth removals, you can count on our specialists for painless and effective dental surgeries.


Built on Trust

Our dental clinic has been serving Endeavour Hills and surrounding suburbs for over 35 years. We’re one of the most trusted dental clinics when it comes to oral surgery, tooth extraction, and wisdom tooth removal. We also offer all of these services at an affordable price, making them accessible for more patients.

Modern Dental Equipment

Our clinic employs the most up-to-date equipment and tools to perform your dental surgeries. Whether it is a small tooth extraction or a tricky wisdom tooth removal, we ensure that you receive the most effective and long-lasting treatment possible through our top-grade dental equipment. And if your dental issue requires any dental fillings or implants, we also use only the highest quality materials.


Friendly & Multilingual Dentists

Endeavour Hills Dental Clinic is staffed by a team of highly professional, experienced, gentle, and caring dentists, including Dr. Jasmine Kolah, Dr. Jeff Lim, Dr. Ben Ma, and Dr. Reza Ronagh. In addition to addressing patients’ dental problems, our team can also communicate in multiple languages, including English, Mandarin, Korean, and Farsi. This allows you to communicate with our dentists in your mother tongue if English is not your first language.

Comprehensive Range of Services

In addition to oral surgery, tooth extractions, and wisdom tooth removal, we also offer a wide range of dental services, including general and cosmetic dental treatments, dental implants, and orthodontic treatments. We also specialise in dentistry for children. So if you’re looking for a dental clinic that caters to all the dental needs of your whole family, visit us at 1 Thurmond Ct, Endeavour Hills.